EP 20 – Sake Glassware Creation w/ Wolfgang Angyal of Riedel Japan (Pt. 2)

As promised, the Sake On Air team’s exploration into the sake-specific Daiginjo and Junmai glassware developed by Riedel continues with an interactive tasting led by Riedel Japan President and CEO, Wolfgang Angyal.


Clocking in at roughly 90 minutes, this is by far the longest episode of Sake On Air to-date. Why? There turned out to be just too much great food for thought and insightful commentary sprinkled throughout the entire experience.


Our apologies in advance – we recognize that a strictly audio format is not the most ideal medium for communicating the nuances of tasting and the associated olfactory experiences. Our recommendation is to grab a bottle of sake for yourself and settle in to join us on what was really a fantastic tasting journey.


Just for reference, the tasting employed Riedel’s Daiginjo and Junmai glassware, along with for the sake of comparison, a very standard ochoko (albeit a bit on the small side), as well as a Riesling glass also developed by Riedel.


While not a prerequisite, we recommend listening to Episode 19, where Wolfgang gives an excellent detailed explanation of the glassware that we’re testing in this episode, as well as outlines the process that went into bringing them into fruition.


In the tasting room this week along with Wolfgang are Sake On Air hosts Sebastien Lemoine, Rebekah Wilson-Lye, Chris Hughes, Marie Nagata and Justin Potts.


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We’ll be back in two weeks.

Until then, kampai!


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